Long Lasting Promo Item | Custom Nail Files

Sunfiles™ custom printed nail files are long lasting, washable, and leave a lasting impression.  Nails files are a fun and unique opportunity to capture your brand to stick around. It's a promo with function that keep turning to while logo shines. The Classic Cushion File is our professional grade salon file with custom color serrated safety edges and plastic insert, encased in foam cushion, and finished with your choice of salon quality color abrasive paper on each side. This luxurious soft file is perfect for a single or double sided customization. Files are available on your choice of paper with your custom logo imprinted  in 1 or 4 four color.  Files come in 3.5 inch or 7 inch nail file with premium vinyl cover. Sunfiles™ is family owned and made in the U.S.A.  

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SWAG WORKS! Make it a custom printed SunFiles nail file.

  SWAG DOES WORKS! So make it a SunFiles custom printed nail file.  Fast Company agrees, and SunFiles custom printed nail files are clearly the answer for your brand! Promoting your business with a promotional product like SunFiles ensures Utility, Staying Power, Quality, and Meaningful Messaging. SunFiles products are a sound long lasting investment for your promotion. Industries like beauty salon's, real estate, travel and tourism, medical and pharmaceutical,and even the television and film movie industry have all benefited from a SunFiles custom promo item.  Order your SunFiles custom printed nail file today! 1) Focus on utility first.  2) Invest in staying power.   3) Don’t overspend.  4) Make your message meaningful.  

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